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Mark D'Amico

Mark D'Amico, CP

American Board Certified Prosthetist

In 1970, Mark's life forever changed when he became an above-knee amputee from a lawnmower accident that took his left leg. In 1983 he had a life changing opportunity to test state-of-the-art prosthetics and in 1985 began his apprenticeship at the prosthetic research center in San Diego, CA. He has vast experience in the prosthetic industry and continues to work with manufactures to help improve lives of amputees. In 2004 Mark opened the Amputee Care Center to provide custom anatomical prosthetics with personal comprehensive care.

"It's more than just providing a prosthetic device; its listening, supporting, educating and rehabilitation to ensure successful outcomes."

"We get to know each individual amputee to help them reach their full potential."

Mark Grew up involved in many sports and competed in the 1988 and 1992 Paralympic Games. As an American Board Certified Prosthetist he meets high standards of care and continues to gain knowledge to benefit patients. Mark thanks God for the privilege to serve and help amputees personal care with professional results. He is looking forward to Missions, working with Prosthetic Solutions and where God leads as an independent subcontractor for prosthetics.

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